The pediatricians and nurse practitioners of Esse Health Pediatrics can manage the common chronic medical illnesses children experience. By providing care within your Medical Home, children and parents have better control of their illness, decreasing trips to the hospital or to see a specialist. We have specific programs to help care for children with the following chronic conditions:

Asthma - The most common chronic disease of childhood, asthma is a respiratory illness with periods of coughing, wheezing or trouble breathing. Esse Health Pediatrics will help you understand your child's asthma, will help you identify and control their triggers, and will manage the medicines to keep your child feeling well.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) -A common mental health condition, Esse Health Pediatricians can diagnose and treat ADHD. In addition, we can link you with resources to give your child more support at school and at home.

Acne - Many teenagers develop acne. The Esse Health Pediatrics team can help you and your teen understand what causes acne, how to care for your teen's skin, and what medicines will help control your child's acne.

Concussion - A concussion is an injury to the brain following a blow to the head. Esse Health Pediatricians can diagnose concussions in children. We can also provide guidance and support for parents in working with schools and coaches to help your child overcome a concussion in a prompt but safe manner.

Esse Health pediatricians are comfortable handling all sorts of other childhood illnesses. We care for children and families who have complex medical problems, teaming up with specialists at the local children's hospitals. Contact us today by phone or text if you have questions about the care we can provide for your child.

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