Sometimes being a kid can be stressful. When the stresses of life overwhelm a child or teen, behavioral problems, anxiety, or depression can develop and affect the well-being of the child and their family. When this happens, Esse Health Pediatrics will help your child and your family cope with the stresses of life. Our pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners take care of the whole child, including their emotional and mental health in the following ways:


  • We check young children for developmental and behavioral problems during well child checks with screening tools that can help find delays or concerns early.
  • We screen all preteens and teens for anxiety, depression as well as other mental health concerns during their well child checks.


  • In many cases, solutions for childhood behavioral problems (tantrums, biting, toilet training refusal, etc.) will be handled by your Esse Health pediatrician.
  • Esse Health pediatricians manage the initial treatment of preteens and teens with anxiety or depression who need medicine.
  • Esse Health pediatricians treat patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


  • When counseling or therapy is needed, Esse Health Pediatrics will connect your child with a mental health provider.
  • Esse Health has a partnership with St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute - a local mental health service organization. This partnership can get many of our patients the care they need smoothly and quickly.
  • Depending on the concern, Esse Health can connect your child to other community resources for additional support (First Steps, educational supports, etc.)